North Wales is made up of many small towns which has a bearing on the geographical terms used by local people on the internet. The geographical terms they use will vary depending on what they are looking for, which is important for local seo North Wales. They will expect to find certain things in their town. Tradesmen such as plumbers, electricians and builders are terms that are likely to be followed by a town. However, for other things such as Conservatories, Kitchens or Bathrooms will have a wider search term. Many people wouldn't believe that they could get someone to provide them with a Conservatory in their home town. So, what is the wider search terms that people use. Is it County or North Wales?  It's possible that Gwynedd would be used. People in Gwynedd do indentify with their county and this county has remained relatively constant over the years. The other counties of Conwy, Denbighshire and Flintshire less so. This may be because the names of these counties have changed a couple of times over the years. For example, a lot of software still use the old county of Clwyd instead of the new Denbighshire and Flintshire despite the re organisation happening many years ago now. To add to the confusion Denbighsire and Flintshire were used before being re organise to Clwyd, and then re organised back again a decade or two later. As a result, speaking as a native of Denbighshire or Clwyd as some software would have me live, I believe that the term North Wales would be used. This would probably be the same for Flintshire and Conwy. Conwy has an added disadvantage in that it is also the name of a town. Flintshire people may also look towards Chester and Cheshire. This is all very confusing for local seo purposes but the figures do bear me out as according to Google, North Wales is a search term used almost twice as much as all the counties put together. So, if you are looking for Local SEO North Wales, North Wales should be one of the geographical terms you need to concentrate on.