The designing of websites is a diverse industry these days and the breadth of choice is huge. There are companies who can design really quite impressive works of art and others who, frankly, produce sites that could be improved upon. What is the test of a good website? In my view it is simple. Does it tell the internet user what the company is all about? Does it encourage the user to contact the company? And the No1 is, can people find the website without keying in the name of the business? This is the acid test. Websites should be making money, not just be a pretty picture that moves. In order for your website to be effective, whether in North Wales or North America, it must be able to be found when people are searching for the goods and services you sell. We work in North Wales so local searches are important to us. More and more people are using the internet to source local goods and services and therefore if you are a company based in North Wales your websites needs to be found when a local search is made.