The internet is the first port of call for many people when they are looking to buy goods and services. This is not only used to buy books, cd's and holiday etc but for all types of things. According to Google the search term plumber is used over 200,000 times a month. This will probably be a local search. Surely people would use a location when to find a plumber for example plumber wrexham. It is also likely to be a search to source a plumber rather than to buy the service on line. Once found the plumber will probably contacted by phone and a discussion would take place before the plumber is employed. This demonstrates that there is a shift in terms of how people use Google for local search. There are people who would do everthing on line and want to communicate electronically and purchase on line but most people are using the interene simply to source goods and services. Local businesses and tradesmen need to wake up to this. Many tradesmen don't even have a website and those that do, have one that can't be found unless you know their name. SEO North Wales will become increasingly important if  local businesses are to be found on line. Optimising web sites for local search will become vital.