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We are local seo specialists based in North Wales. SEO is the means by which Google can choose a particular website to appear on the front page of their organic search. We can help local businesses gain a foothold on-line by designing and producing websites which are optimised using local seo in North Wales. If you’re looking to attract local business through Google or other search engines then please view the rest of this website - seo north wales - for details of our services.

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Local SEO North Wales

This is the second in a series of blogs which I am using as an experiment to assess their effect on search engine optimisation for the search terms seo north wales and local seo north wales. It will be interesting to see how a tumlr blog can influence this seo.

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SEO North Wales

Welcome to my first tumbr blog. This is an excercise to see how effective this blog can be in enhancing the seo of my website for local searches in North Wales. These searches would include websites and cheap websites in North Wales as well as SEO North Wales and local SEO North Wales. I’ll keep you posted as to how successful they’ve been.

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Local internet users in North Wales

January 19, 2011
Usage is increasing for local searches on the internet, including areas like North Wales. So what are the geographical terms that local people use? This depends on what people are looking for. For example, if you were looking for a plumber the search is more likely to be more local than if you were looking for a Conservatory. North Wales is made up of a lot of small towns but you would expect to find a plumber in most of them, so "plumber ruthin" may well be a reasonable search term. Those people who say that people wouldn't use the internet to find a plumber should check the latest Google keyword figures. According to Google the search term plumber is used on average 201,000 times. My guess is that a location is probably used in conjunction with "plumber", would you look for a plumber nationally???
But if you were looking for a Conservatory the search term would be wider. Most people wouldn't expect to find a conservatory in their home town and would tend to widen the search. I believe that "North Wales" is likely to be used more than the County. Speaking as a North Walian myself it would be my preference and the figures bear me out. According to Google the search term North Wales is used far more than Flintshire, Denbighshire, Conwy and Gwynedd put together.
So if you're looking for SEO North Wales and you are selling a reasonably high value item then the search term North Wales is probabley one of  the best areas to target.

Cost effective SEO North Wales

January 18, 2011
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be a very cost effective way of promoting your business. Advertising costs can be prohibitive especially with traditional media as it needs to be done on a regular basis if it is to be really effective. Looking at local SEO is a good way of getting your business in front of the right local market 24 hours a day. Most businesses have a web site and you don't have to have an all singing all dancing web site for it to be effectively found by the search engine...
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Getting to the top in North Wales

January 17, 2011
Can your web site really get to the top. Isn't everyone trying to get on to page 1. The answer is yes you can. Especially if you are looking for local business. Getting to the first page for a local search like North Wales is realistic. Local SEO is much easier than trying to get onto the first page for a national search. Not everyone locally is tuned into the internet and not everyone is even looking at ways they can attract the local search market. This space is still dominated by directori...
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Deciding on SEO in North Wales

January 16, 2011
In my last blogg I was discussing how to choose a SEO company in North Wales. This is difficult but can be done quite effectively given some time. If you feel that you would benefit from a more personal service then contact a local company. Give them a ring and have a chat over the phone. Get them to come to you and show you what they can do. Don't make any decisions until they have demonstrated to your satisfaction that they can achieve your aims. North Wales is full of local SEO companies w...
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How to choose the right SEO company in North Wales?

January 11, 2011
SEO companies tend to fall into two categories. The larger companies who have a tele sales department and are out looking for companies who are looking for a wider coverage and smaller more local companies who offer a more local service. There are pros and cons for both. The larger companies can sometimes be a little cheaper and offer a service that may be short on the personal side. The local company may have fewer customers and therefore offer that little bit extra.
The most important thing ...
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The Right SEO Company for you in North Wales.

January 3, 2011
A happy new year!
In my last blogg I posed the question how does anyone decide on the right SEO company for them? Let's face it there are hundreds of SEO companies available. One of the reasons for this is that it's not rocket science once you know what you're doing. It can be technical, and you do need technical knowledge before you can help people and businesses get the best out of their web site. Even here in North Wales there is a lot of choice. You only have to go onto Google to find that...
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